How to Tie a Bandana


Hey there, Gabriella here.

Looking for an easy way to tie your bandanas and keep them that way? First of all, let's discuss bandana sizing:

When considering which size bandana for your pup, there are two things to consider, collar length, and preference.

Generally speaking, the best way to determine which bandana size to purchase for your pup is to take their collar, lay it out flat, and measure it. Then, add 2-3 inches to that measurement. That's the easiest way to determine which size bandana to choose for your dog.

The second thing to consider when picking a size for your dog's bandana is preference. While I have done my best to create sizes that would fit most dog breeds,  and mixes, everyone has their own preferred taste. If you have a breed or mix that is stockier, you may prefer a more tightly fit bandana. For those fluffy double-coated dogs, something a bit larger may work better to account for all of that fur. 

My personal preference is a larger bandana. I recommend that if you have a dog that is in between sizes, to size up. More on this, later. 

Now that you've chosen your bandana, your happy mail has arrived, and you're ready to show the world your most beautiful pup in their new gear, here is a short tutorial on how to tie your new bandana...and how to keep it tied on for easy slip-off and slip-ons in the future.

  • First, take your bandana, lay it on a flat surface, and fold it in half at a diagonal, so that it becomes a triangle.

Square bandana lay flat

  • Grab the two longest edges of your bandana, at what would be the base of your "triangle", and roll the bandana two-three times. The less you roll the fabric, the longer your bandana will be.This is why I recommend sizing up if you feel your dog is in between sizes. It is much easier to roll away the fabric if you feel there is too much, instead of wishing the bandana is bigger.

bandana folded in triangle

  • Now that your bandana is rolled and ready to go, you can grab each end at the base of your now rolled-up triangle, and tie a quick knot (I like to double knot!) on your bandana.
folded and rolled bandana
  • Last but not least, you can now easily slip your dog's new bandana on and off them. The bandana should go over their collar easily. If you have to force it in, then try tying the bandana's knot a little bit looser. I like to keep my bandanas tied even after I've taken them off of my dogs, so that they can easily go onto a hanger and but hung. But of course, if you would prefer to fold your bandana, then you can do so easily for more compact storage uses. 

bandana knotted

bandana knotted 1

bandanas all tied up and ready to go


And that is it! I hope that you have enjoyed this blog. If you need a little more visualization of this tutorial, I have made a quick tiktok for your review, below.
Forrest and Benelli in Yellow bandanas

Let’s tie a yellow bandana 💛 #dogbandanas #nobaddogs #reactivedog #fypシ #smallbusiness

♬ Buttercup - Jack Stauber

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Gabriella, Lindy, & Samba

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