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Hello, and welcome to the Home With Hound, blog!

My name is Gabriella, and I am a 20-something California Native. In October of 2019, my husband and I relocated to Austin, Texas as first-time homeowners (hooray!). We are relocating with our 2-year-old Miniature Australian Shepherd, Lindy. She is a 20lb feisty, spunky, Blue Merle with minimal white markings and brown eyes. 

Having grown up with large dogs my entire life, Lindy has proven to be a new and exciting chapter of #SmallDogLiving. Because I have a day job that is 100% remote, I spend most of, if not all, of my days at home, with Lindy. We have a wonderful bond and I am so grateful I am able to spend my days with her. I have been knitting since I was a young girl, and with extra time on my hands at home, it only became natural to combine my love of knitting and my love of Lindy (and other dogs!) together. 


Here is Lindy, pictured in one of our sweaters!

We hope that you will continue to follow our journey as we adjust to life in a new city, a new home, and make new friends. It is my goal to update this blog with shop announcements, Behind-The-Scenes, and Life Updates!


Love from Home,

-Gabriella + Lindy

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