6 Terrible Things I have Learned As an Aussie Owner


Ah, the terrible, awful, no good, Australian Shepherd.

Known for their vibrant personalities, endless streams of energy, beautiful coat-colorings, and often multi-colored eyes, the Australian Shepherd is the millennial’s favorite dog breed. I should know, I (a millennial) have two! Here are six “terrible” things I have learned as an Aussie owner. 

1. Aussies are Terribly Beautiful

Yes, it’s true, Aussies are terribly beautiful. They come in a variety of sizes and coat colors ranging from stunning bi-colored coats to uniquely merle spots and markings. Personally, I own a blue merle mini aussie, and a Black Tri Standard Aussie with blue eyes. I bet you can’t guess which pup gets more compliments on their appearance?


Lindy and Samba Sitting politely

2. Aussies are Terribly Energetic

I am sure that you’ve seen them in your instagram explore feed, running through obstacle courses, covered in ribbons after winning several agility competitions. Or maybe you’ve seen them in those hiking photos on your Pinterest feed, standing majestically in front of some glorious mountain, their coat flowing in the wind. What some might call an adventurous spirit, I would wager is more likely to be an endless bout of energy. Australian Shepherds are terribly energetic! They are well-suited for dog sports such as flyball and dock diving, and often great companions for hiking and other outdoor activities.


Lindy and Samba the terrible Aussies Shed a lot


3. Aussies Are Terribly Smart

Sometimes considered the “goofy” cousin of the Border Collies, Australian Shepherds are nearly equal in their intelligence, without the intensity of the BC. But what’s the catch with being so terribly smart? Well, if your dog is smart enough to do something, then they are also smart enough to avoid doing something. Stubborn can be an understatement when describing the temperaments of some Aussies. Be prepared to work with and invest in the training for your Australian Shepherd, your dog will thank you later!

Lindy and Samba are Terrible Aussies in Camo Bandanas

4. Aussies are Terribly Loyal

Aussies are a working dog breed and are incredibly intuitive creatures. As a result, they are terribly loyal. In my house, my Aussies have major FOMO, following me like a shadow throughout the day, and insisting on sitting nearby me whenever possible. When it is appropriate to allow them to explore off-leash, I know that their recall will not be an issue because they are so loyal and constantly “checking in” with me. Call it good behaviour, or call it FOMO, but Aussies are terribly loyal dogs!

Lindy is Terribly loyal always looking for Mom



5. Aussies are terrible shedders

 A word to the wise: invest in a good vacuum cleaner, because Aussies are terrible shedders! I speak from personal experience when I say that you can expect the fur to be...everywhere. On your clothes, on your floor, in your food, in places you never expected to find it! You may grow accustomed to this doggy “glitter”, but if you don’t like dog hair….then Aussies are really terrible.

Samba has a lot of fur



6. Aussies are Terribly hard-working

As a working breed, an Aussie loves and is at it’s best when presented with a “job”. This can be in the form of mental or physical exercise. When not exercised consistently and with intention, Aussies are known to be destructive. Depending on the genetic line of your Aussie, some maye have stronger “working” genes than others. Either way, Aussies are terribly-hard working. Remember, Australian Shepherds, when in their natural element, work with large livestock animals such as longhorn cattle. Now that’s a job!


  • Samba the terrible Aussie has FOMO


    And there you go, 6 “terrible” things I have learned as Aussies, as an Aussie owner. Did I miss anything? Let me know, below! 


    Gabriella, Lindy & Samba


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