Bed of Roses Dog Bandana
We can't resist a good Rifle Paper Co. fabric, and this pink and red floral print is no different. With a minty green edging that perfectly highlights the roses on the fabric, your pup will look cuter than a bed...
Bed of Roses Human Headband
In the words of Miley Cyrus: Yes, you can buy yourself flowers with this Bed of Roses headband. Made with Rifle Paper Co fabric, this print is filled with pink and red rosy florals, highlighted by a soft minty greenery. Perfect...
Bed of Roses Matching Set
The Bed of Roses Matching set is the perfect springtime pairing for Dog Mom and pup. We know that you can buy self flowers, but what's stopping you from buying them from your pup, too? Who needs to spend $35...
Electric Botanical Dog Bandana
The Electric Botanical Dog bandana is just as it sounds: fun and electric color combos on a flora and fauna print. You may even find a mushroom or too on this funky fabric. With shades of deep teal, light teal,...
Electric Botanical Matching Set
Keep it groovy in the Electric Botanical Matching Set. With a base color of deep and rich teal the contrasting light greens bring this flora and fauna print to life, almost as if it glowing. Perfect for the Dog mom...
Limoncello Dog Bandana
This lemon-filled bandana is a fresh take on a classic flavor, perfect for a springtime or summer wardrobe. Look closely, and you made even find some lovely blue peacocks hidden on it as well. Handmade with love in Austin, Texas,...
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