Bed of Roses Dog Bandana
We can't resist a good Rifle Paper Co. fabric, and this pink and red floral print is no different. With a minty green edging that perfectly highlights the roses on the fabric, your pup will look cuter than a bed...
Bed of Roses Matching Set
The Bed of Roses Matching set is the perfect springtime pairing for Dog Mom and pup. We know that you can buy self flowers, but what's stopping you from buying them from your pup, too? Who needs to spend $35...
Buffalo Plaid Bandana
A Classic red and black large Buffalo checked bandana.   -Tie-on square bandana made for pups of all sizes. -Made locally in Austin, Texas. -Made with locally sourced cotton fabric.   Material:  Cotton   Care: Wash on low or gentle...
Buffalo Plaid Matching Set
A Classic red and black large Buffalo plaid bandana. A one-size fits most headband is perfect for Dog Mom, while your pup can be suited in the bandana of their choosing. It's a win-win. We can't wait to see the...
Cheerful Yellow Ribbon Dog Bandana
Add a pop of color to your dog’s wardrobe with this cheerful yellow ribbon dog bandana. The bright yellow stripes on this 100% cotton square tie-on dog bandana adds sunny flair to your dog’s already bright personality. Let the world...
Cinnamon Apple Plaid Dog Bandana
A sister print to the Seasoned Plaid Everyday Dog Bandana, this Cinnamon Apple. This 100% cotton tie-on dog bandana has hints of granny apple green in it, wishing for summer to stick around a little bit longer, while still pining...
Delightful Butterfly Dog Bandana
Who doesn’t love a darling butterfly? Or maybe you prefer Magical moths? Whichever insect you see on this 100% cotton tie-on dog bandana, it doesn’t matter. With a pastel pink background color, this print is no short of color or...
Dorothy's Picnic Dog Bandana
Let's go on a picnic! One part the perfect picnic blanket and one part Dorothy in Oz, this classic print is the perfect blue gingham check. The fresh blue checkers combined with clean white edging, this bandana is the perfect...
Dorothy's Picnic Matching Set
We might be biased, but we think that were Dorothy and Toto around today, they'd be wearing this darling blue gingham matching set on their daily walks. However, just because they aren't around to do it, doesn't mean that you...
Dreamy Purple Dog Bandana
Dream a little dream...of this bandana! Sweet and soft shades of purple make up this abstract watercolor print. Perfect for that whimsical pup of yours.  A square tie-on dog bandana made of 100% cotton made available in three different sizes.  ...
from $12.00
Dreamy Purple Matching Set
In this Dreamy Purple set we can't promise that all of your dreams will come true, but we can promise that you'll be the dreamiest-looking dog mom and pup pair around town! With a tie-on bandana and matching human headband...
Electric Botanical Dog Bandana
The Electric Botanical Dog bandana is just as it sounds: fun and electric color combos on a flora and fauna print. You may even find a mushroom or too on this funky fabric. With shades of deep teal, light teal,...
Electric Botanical Matching Set
Keep it groovy in the Electric Botanical Matching Set. With a base color of deep and rich teal the contrasting light greens bring this flora and fauna print to life, almost as if it glowing. Perfect for the Dog mom...
Limoncello Dog Bandana
This lemon-filled bandana is a fresh take on a classic flavor, perfect for a springtime or summer wardrobe. Look closely, and you made even find some lovely blue peacocks hidden on it as well. Handmade with love in Austin, Texas,...
Limoncello Matching Set
Give your wardrobe a fresh squeeze of flavor with this Limoncello matching set. This Rifle Paper Co. print is filled with lemons and hidden blue peacocks making for a perfectly charming Limoncello print. You may not make it to Italy this summer...
Lovely Lavender Sparks Dog Bandana
The Lovely Lavender dog bandana is a great addition to your dog's everyday wardrobe. The gentle shade of lavender is perfect for welcoming spring into your wardrobe, and the tiny light purple "sparks" that dance across the fabric are a...
Lovely Lavender Sparks Matching Set
Listen, we all know that this perfect shade of lavender is all the rage right now. There's no denying it, and we think a good trendy color is worth embracing! This matching set comes in a gentle shade of lavender and...
Mistletoe Bandana
Who is your pup going to end up under the mistletoe with? With this pretty Rifle Paper Co. pattern on this bandana, you can make sure it's you! Previously a Blue Genie Exclusive, this bandana only has size Medium and...
Mistletoe Matching Set
A Rifle Paper Co print, this mistletoe matching set will be your favorite accessory this holiday season! A one-size fits most headband is perfect for Dog Mom, while your pup can be suited in the bandana of their choosing. It's a...
from $20.00
Nutcrackers For All Bandana
It's the most wonderful time of the year! Celebrate the little girl in you who always wanted to take the stage as Clara with this lovely print of Nutcrackers and Tin Soilders on Navy. All that is missing in your...
Nutcrackers for All Matching Set
Wear the Nutcracker and all of his friends in a headband! A one-size fits most headband is perfect for Dog Mom, while your pup can be suited in the bandana of their choosing. It's a win-win. We can't wait to see...
Powder Blue Aztec Block Print Bandana
Introducing the Powder Blue Aztec Block Print dog bandana. Crafted with 100% cotton material, this tie-on dog bandana is both comfortable and trendy for your furry friends. The soft shade of powder blue gives your pup a cool and relaxed look, perfect...
Powder Blue Aztec Block Print Matching Set
The Powder Blue Aztec Block Print Matching Set is here! Once a Blue Genie exclusive, this matching set comes in limited sizes and availability. If you were thinking about this perfectly soft powdery blue set for you and your pup's...
from $25.00
Starry Night Metallic Dog Bandana
The Starry Night Metallic Dog Bandana is a handmade 100% cotton tie-on dog bandana. This particular print is a black-based bandana with metallic stars scattered across it, using a yellow-gold edging. A great print for those that love a more...
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